You wait years for an album, then two turn up together. . .



1912 are proud to announce their long awaited third album.
New World Order will be released on 1st February 2016.

The album reflects the progressive development of 1912’s music. The central elements of the band’s sound remain consistent beneath an evolution of melody and lyric that is broad and ambitious in scope. The album will impress established followers and draw new listeners to the band’s craft. Critics are already hailing the album as “stunning”.

The album reflects the deep-seated anxiety of the zeitgeist: exploring the themes of progress and change, the uncertainty of the future and nostalgia for an apparently more secure past. Each track holds an inherent power, and together they present a truly immersive listening experience. This is an album-length experience that is cohesive and involving. We know that it will change you. All aboard the New World Order.


Two albums in one.

Two artists at the peak of their creativity.

New World Order & The Hybrid Project.

Release date: 1st February 2016.

Available from:

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New World Order offers a truly unique collaboration as part of the album package. Highly respected artists Omenopus have created a unique companion album, available in the same double-sleeve set.

The Hybrid Project is a dazzling reworking of 1912 tracks from across their career, brought together with imaginative vision by Omenopus's main applicator Lee Potts. The Hybrid Project blends the ribbons of 1912’s music into a new and thought-provoking tapestry: a future dystopian struggle for survival, with unsettling echoes of the present.

The music offers a radically different approach to 1912, an approach in line with the consistently shifting rhythms of Omenopus. It will impress followers of both acts.

This is a completely original, exclusive Omenopus release, unavailable in any other format.