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The Dusk story begins in 1987, in Shirley - a small suburb between the English towns of Birmingham and Solihull. A group of friends who had jammed and played together in various combinations over the previous few years came together to form a new band, with no clear agenda other than to produce high-quality, powerful, emotive music. (For more information on the early days, read Doug's account on the Personnel page).

Over the next few years, the group evolved a distinctive sound and style which could generally be regarded as "prog-rock", but often veering off into new and interesting directions (hang on - isn't that in itself a definition of "prog"?). There was a continuing shift of personnel, but always with the core members of Andrea Rushton (vocals, keyboards, guitars, flute, chief songwriter) and Dave "Doug" Sutheran (drums, vocals). The earliest stable line-up also included Mark "Happy" Wadsworth on bass.

This incarnation made a memorable debut gig at The Greet, Birmingham on October 12th 1988 - which featured a troupe of actors performing mime to many of the songs. However for the rest of its history, the group rarely performed live again. Constant line-up changes, internal conflicts and Andrea's ongoing health problems all helped to set back the group's fortunes, with the result that Dusk never made the impact on the music scene that maybe it should have.

Although the band fizzled out around 1990, Andrea and new guitarist John Warner-Weathered continued to work together - later forming "Swivel" (www.funkpig.co.uk/swivelpage.html) which in turn served as the launch-pad for the acclaimed drum'n'bass duo of "Funkpig" (www.funkpig.com). Their latest projects are documented at www.spiralsoundstructures.co.uk.

Meanwhile, Doug and Mark (swapping his normal bass role for rhythm guitar) briefly joined me a few years later in "The Earthmovers" (www.theearthmovers.co.uk), a really fun group which had a fairly successful run from 1992 to 1997.

In 2006, Dusk was reborn, after a fashion. Doug - whose latest solo work can be found at www.djsmusic.co.uk - organised a new band, at one stage dubbed "The Dusk Project", with a mission to perform many of the songs of the original Dusk, plus new material. Coming onboard to join Doug and myself were long-time friends and musical collaborators Gary Sheridan (vocals, guitar), Alex Theay (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Gavin Saunders (guitar).

In addition, Doug and I spent much of that year working on the vintage Dusk recordings from 1988-1990, to be released as a set of CDs (see the Music page for more details of the first fruits of this project).

The next 18 months were a lot of fun, as the new band gelled and found its collective style and sound. While we started with the intention of resurecting many of the vintage Dusk songs (and the first piece we rehearsed was of course that Dusk barnstormer "Moan and Mutter"), it gradually became apparent that the new material we were coming up with was so much more fun and interesting to play. To start with, everyone came to the party with some ready-written songs and ideas. Then we realised that once the cobwebs had been shaken loose, we were suddenly pulling some great songs and tunes out of thin air, as a group, during our warm-up jams.

With day-jobs, other bands and real lives to occupy our time, we don't get together as often as we'd like, so it took until April 2008 before we finally got down to doing some proper studio demo recordings. Then it wasn't until August that year that the new line-up first performed in front of an audience as "Dusk".

At the end of October 2008, we decided to change the band name to "1912", for various reasons, both practical (several hundred other bands also called Dusk - most of whom started long after we did) and emotional, but largely because we had outgrown the original concept.

So from now on, this site will mostly be for the "vintage" Dusk, while the new band's website can be found at www.nineteentwelve.com.

Please also visit our Myspace pages, at www.myspace.com/originaldusk and www.myspace.com/1912uk. See our Links page for access to even more sites directly or indirectly related to both groups.

John Pierpoint, February 2009

Message to all past members and friends

Please get in touch! We're looking for more audio and photographic material from the original incarnation of Dusk, c.1988. We know there's more out there! Can you help?

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