Links - Dusk's Myspace page. Includes a media player featuring some old and new Dusk recordings. You'll also find Myspace pages here for Doug:, and for 1912 - The new site for "1912" the group that started out in 2007 as a revivial of Dusk, but went on to form its own style and sound. - Dave "Doug" Sutheran's own site, covering his new solo work. - John Pierpoint's own site, covering his solo music, writings and art. - Swivel, the band Featuring Andrea Rushton and John Warner-Weathered that continued the Dusk sound into the 21st Century. - Andrea and John Warner-Weathered's striking new online identity, celebrating their many past and current musical endeavours. There's lots going on, so check it out at (Hey Andi - what about a reciprocal link?) - the rhythm section of Swivel, Phil Minal on drums and Mark Hartley on bass, struck out into bold new territory with this project. Check out their "carbon-based funk" at this site, and make sure you see them play live as well! - Birmingham-based rock band that included ex-Dusk members John Pierpoint, Dave Sutheran and Mark Wadsworth. The band recently got together for a reunion, and there's a good chance that 2009 may see a gig or two, so check this site often for news! - Rob Brunt's unusual "Gothic Country" trio. John Pierpoint joined on bass (and bouzouki!) after The Earthmovers folded. This band is now on hold, but check out the site for news of Rob's solo outings and any reunions. - Julie Hatton's art and photographs (thanks for the design help as always, Joolz!). - Dusk (and The Earthmovers and 1912) has had a long and happy relationship with the Midlands' premier rehearsal and recording complex. Back in 1989, Dusk were the first band to take a lockup room at the newly-opened studios, and 1912 are currently recording their demos at Robannas.

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