Note: All lyrics by Andrea Rushton reproduced here by her kind permission.

Moan and Mutter

(Andrea Rushton)

My nights are filled with wild creations;
Black and white desire for waking.
Incense burning, people screaming
A million years I've spent in dreaming
Poisoned perfume, tattered stockings;
Night in London, Jenny mocking me.
Oh oh oh, Moan and Mutter.
Oh oh oh, Moan and Mutter.

Sweet pink powder, sprinkled curses,
Sister Body - sick Queen of Nurses.
Haunted jungle of trances I walk in.
Nonsense hup-hiccup all jumbled-up talking
Silken soft eyes of the murderous virgin;
With silver scissors she'll screw the blade in.

I can't believe it's just my mind escaping!
I can't believe it's just my blood-pulse racing!
In just one night's whirl my life's misshapen.
A hundred years have passed while I've been sleeping.

Walking through the mist-drenched chambers.
Running from the drug-crazed ravers.
Through the night: Moan and Mutter.
Peter Gabriel moved me better than any man I've truly known,
But though he said I wouldn't, I still woke up alone.

I can't believe it's just my mind escaping!
I can't believe it's just my blood-pulse racing!
In just one night's whirl my life's misshapen.
A hundred years have passed while I've been sleeping.


(D Sutheran)

Shattered by your words
Where the hell did that come from?
I don’t believe anything I heard
Shall I pretend and just carry on
Broken by my own frustration
Stranded on the shore
Never will I, never will I. . . drown!

Lost souls hang on delicate threads
And other such nonsense you put in my head
Grown apart and a need to progress
At least I think that’s what you said
Broken by my limitation
Here I am stranded on the shore
Never will I, you will never see me. . . drown

Dark nights pass poetic obscene
This is starting to frighten me
New highs in chaotic absurd
Will time never set me free?
Broken by my own frustration
Here I am stranded on the shore
But never will I, you will never see me. . . drown

I’m not listening (broken)
Repeat to end

You won’t find another fool like me babe. . . no you won’t. . .


(Andrea Rushton)

I am subconscious,
I have no conception of time
My “moment” is your “forever”
I draw no line!
You are my eyes; I am what you see
In fact you are me!

I am alone, though you are with them
You say what they feel, but they can’t come in!
I choose your sensations whilst - waking - you dream
But the things you are seeing, are not what they seem. . .

Green grass, we are in a pool of sea moss
The greenest we have ever seen.
Speak fast, this moment could be soon lost. . .
But did they understand

If you could see inside my mind,
You’d be amazed what you might find
I don’t know what I said before;
It doesn’t matter any more.
I’d like to share this dream with you,
I know you’re feeling lonely too
And now no matter what I say
They can’t come in here anyway!
Do I make any sense at all?
I don’t know what I said before
I knew this moment wouldn’t last,
My consciousness is fading fast. . .

Deep leaves, we are swirling down with warm ease
We never felt this free before.
Deep need, losing joy can make your soul bleed,
So live it while you can!


A dream flows and in the dark that seed grows;
I am losing touch with here and now.
I chose to follow where the pool goes,
Now I’m drifting, free alone!

I am subconscious
I have no conception of things that you know
Your strengths and your weakness
Be sure I will follow wherever you go!

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(Andrea Rushton)

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what I was thinking about
You wouldn’t want to hear it if I told you why
You’d just laugh at me and raise your eyes to the ceiling
That is crushing in on me

Talk to me damn it
Come on look at me as if you really care

I am an eggshell in your hands
And you are crushing me
I am a leaf blown from a tree
You are a hunter you wear camouflage
You are a tiger though you hide the marks
But you are velvet when you’re loving me
And I am liquid in your arms

Talk to me damn it
Come on look at me as if you really care

Floor fades into view glows white
Rushing up to meet my eyes
Oh hot humid night
Our bodies glow from day’s sunshine
Light fades into view glows red
I lay muscle flexed upon my bed
Alone I think of you.

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The Dance Of The Marionette

(Original lyrics by D. Sutheran c.1988, revised by D. Sutheran 2007)

Sally cried her mummy wouldn’t let her go to see the show
No matter what she tried there was no way that she would ever let her go
So in the darkest corners of her distorted mind
She would trade innocence for hatred, twisted and blind.
So she devised a plan to be with the master of the puppets and his clan
Oh how she loved that man
He held such mysteries of strange and distant lands
So as her mummy tucked her up in her bed
“Good night my darling” were the last words that she said!
Sally felt the knife thrusting deep into her mummy’s aching heart
In a flash of light a child and the life she loathed were torn apart
And so she ran and ran into the master’s arms
And they danced, how they danced and they danced and they danced………….

Hand in hand we’ll be forever
Hand in hand we’ll stay together
(Puppet master)
“You will be my princess living like a queen,
“But you must be a puppet like all the others that you see”
“I’ll put you in a wooden box held up and bound with string”
“You see I am the puppet master born to do such wicked things”
“To think that I have killed for you look at what I’ve done”
“Such loss and agony what has that become?”
“Now you want to strip my soul”
“Completely destroy my life”
“I just don’t understand for God sake tell me why!!!!”
(Puppet master)
“Even though I love you so”
“I will never let you go”
“Not like others that left before”
”You see I couldn’t take that any more”
“So you will be a puppet too, hanging in the rack”
“If that’s the only way that I can ever hold you back!!!!!”

Oh mummy please don’t let me rot inside an empty wooden shell
Oh mummy please I should have believed in the things you knew so well
I wish I hadn’t hurt you
But I didn’t know
Oh I should have listened when you told me not to go
So before I die if you can make this man suffer for his evil, vicious ways
Mummy help me please, please release me from these darkened, wicked days
Make this evil master suffer as he’s making me
Make this evil bastard suffer I want to see him bleed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally cries!

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A Small Price

(Andrea Rushton)

I feel so helpless every day while the takers raid the earth
Will none of them hear what the people say
No they raid the earth
Endless chimneys ten miles high, oh they raid the earth
How long now before they suck her dry
Oh they raid the earth

Now pups love life but men love furs
So they rape the earth
Holes appear in the atmosphere
Still they rape the earth
When the rain trees vanish then our race is run
Still they rape the earth
Ten more years before they're gone
Still the rape goes on and on and on. . .

You can all that your hearts desire. . . for a small price
Housing estates, potions to decorate your pretty face
For a small price
Fast food from the States
“Praise be to the human race!!”
Visits into space, if you don't mind breathing toxic waste
All this for your delight, if you can live without your life.
It's a small price. . . to pay!

Our minds grow weaker and our bodies fat
Still the rape goes on
Suck refined poisons from a frozen pack
Still the rape goes on and on and on. . .

Supposing mother earth can never live again
All life cowers from the acid rain
Don't think I can bear to see her pain
And still the rape goes on!

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What's The Difference?

(Andrea Rushton)

What's The Difference, if there's music in your blood,
Whether or not you lose your love?
What's The Difference, if your soul won't rest?
Without a song you'll lose the toss anyway. . .

Surely if you try, you'll take him just as high
He might even lose his boredom
Surely if you try, you'll take him just as high
He might find his joy in what you do!

But then, what if the song's no good?
And then, what if you lose your love?
And if you hurt and maimed your pride,
And, no way can you meet his eye. . .
Then everything is lost
And baby, well you lost the toss anyway.

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Wish You Hadn't

(Andrea Rushton)

Such pain to receive no love no warmth
From someone so dear
An empty shell that talks at me of nothing
And when I speak he does not hear. . .

I am torn and beaten, you so cruel and cold
Will never get the chance again
To tear out my soul. . .

Wish you hadn't
I wish you hadn't
Wish you hadn't hurt me
Wish you hadn't
I wish you hadn't
Wish you hadn't hurt me

Oh how right I was to be afraid to love you
Just look what you have done.
How I wish that I could really really hate you
And all that you've become.

You said you would always love me
Is that still true now?
Pointless question – I don't suppose it matters anyhow
You'd have thought we'd have learned
Well now the tables have been turned
I really miss you, you know how it burns.

Wish you hadn't
I wish you hadn't
Wish you hadn't hurt me
Wish you hadn't
I wish you hadn't
Wish you hadn't hurt me.

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Tangled Up In You (Distant Weaver)

(Andrea Rushton)

I saw you through a haze of people.
You were screaming for some help.
It was the third act of the day
And you were losing control of yourself.

You seemed to know who I was
And I seemed to know you too!
The air of the festival was charged with light
As the power came rushing through.

You were wheeling with the charged air,
Fingers tangled in your own hair;
I got tangled up in you
But you were too far in to know.

You looked at me with wild eyes
The act had become too much;
Voice cracked, you crashed. . .
I fought through the crowd and offered you my touch.

Now I see you in that “still-life”
With that strange glow in your eyes
Come nightfall, I walk the beach until you realise. . .

You're a weaver of moving words
You wove them into me.
Look for me when your mind's adrift
because I cannot let you be.

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