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From The Dawn - Volume 1

Released March 2007.

A collection of rare and restored session recordings from between 1988 and 1990, presented in chronological order. The first six tracks feature the original trio with Mark Wadsworth on bass. The next two are from the short-lived four-piece including Lewis Pierpoint on vocals, guitar and keyboard (and just about everything else!), while the remaining tracks are from the period when John was on bass.

Track listing:-

1- I Am Subconscious
2 - Velvet
3 - The Dance of the Marionette
4 - I Name You Leah
5 - The Winter Song
6 - Man O' The Flute
7 - Lew’s Riff
8 - Don't Take Me For A Ride
9 - Small Price
10 - Moan And Mutter
11 - What's The Difference?
12 - Chasing Rainbows
13 - Tangled Up In You (Distant Weaver)
14 - Wish You Hadn’t


From The Dawn - Volume 2

Released March 2007.

Later Dusk session recordings from 1990 (showcasing John Warner-Weathered on guitar, with Mark Wadsworth back on bass), plus two early sessions featuring John and Lewis Pierpoint.
The selection closes with the infamous "Angry Jam"!

Track listing:-

1 - Am I Where I Should Be?
2 - The Third Act - a jazz re-working of "Tangled"
3 - Chop Another Line
4 - John’s Piece
- John Warner-Weathered's Fripp-esque guitar instrumental
5 - Chasing Rainbows (early version) - Andi and Lewis trade verses on this version
6 - The Angry Jam - the infamous half-hour jam recorded when John's car was stolen from outside the studio!

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