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Janauary 2009 - New web site for "1912"

From now on, you can keep up with happenings in the 1912 camp at their new web site of The site you're looking at now will be trimmed back to just reflect the "vintage" Dusk group. But that doesn't mean that there won't be new developments. . .oh no! There are several Dusk tunes that Doug and I are both interested in dusting off and giving a 21st Century makeover, so keep checking back for any news on these projects, plus any more archive material we can dig up. (JP)

News Archive

October 2008 - New studio recording + name change

On 31st October, we recorded "3 Days In Paradise" at Robannas, with Mig once again at the console. On the same evening, we finally decided on a new name for the band. "Dusk" is not really relevant any more, as the group has developed so far beyond the original idea of working with the material of the original c.1990 Dusk. The new group has its own sound, style and a completely new set of songs that have largely been developed by all members. Add in the fact that "Dusk" seems to be fairly common name for groups of musicians lately (including one lot as near as Sutton), and we felt it was time for a change.

After a couple of months of suggestions and debate over what new name to adopt, we have chosen "1912". Why? Well, one of favourite instrumental compositions was named "19.12" because it came out in a jam that was recorded at that time in the evening. We've ditched the full stop to make it a bit more legible (and maybe more ambiguous!) to end up with "1912".

Keep checking back, as this site will obviously now need a full make-over to match the new name!

August 2008 - Debut Gig

Our debut at The Sound Bar, Corporation Street Birmingham on 19/08/08 went very well. A big thank-you to everyone who came along to support us! We supported the excellent Blue Nation, and our stablemates Angel Heart opened the show in grand style. Due to time limitations we only did a 4-song set (but 4 of our songs is still a good chunk of music!). We all had a great time, and the new Dusk received a positive thumbs-up from everyone who was there. The folks at the venue were so impressed that they want us back to do a weekend show very soon. The whole band is buzzing after the experience, and plans are being hatched for lots more live performances in the near future. We will now be working hard on adding to the set: there are several new songs in the pipeline. Watch this space!

Our good friends Martin and Kirsty took some photos on the night (and during the previous day's rehearsal session), so we hope to have some of these up on the Gallery pages very soon.

August 2008 - Lee's latest remix

Lee's latest remix is of a demo I did back in 1989 called "Inferno". His new version is almost completely a new tune, but using the guitar intro hook and other bits from this ancient demo. We love it - it's a mind-expanding 23-minute journey from the depths of the human psyche to the rarified atmosphere of Tibetan mountain-tops (well, that's what I can hear!), via flights of intense space-rock. It's highly addictive! Itís called "Inferno Desire" (listen to the sampled monologue and you'll understand why) and can be found at Leeís site: (JP)

July 2008 - More Techno!

Our mate Lee has done another of his remixes. This one used a couple of jams we did earlier this year. Heís welded them together to create something. . . er. . . different! Itís called "Search The Skies (Industrial Mix)" and can be found at Leeís site:

July 2008 - Doug's Blues Band gig!

Doug's other band "Bogus Blooze" had their debut on 05/07/08. They went down a storm! Hopefully we'll be able to put more information and a link to their site up here soon. Check back often!

June 2008 - Techno! + New Web Site

A big Hello and Thank-you to musician Lee Potts, who has taken a basic (and badly-played!) demo track of mine (which may or may not see light as a completed song - for reasons that anyone who has heard me try to sing will appreciate. . .) and turned it into something quite amazing with his mixing wizardry. The track is called "State Of Grace", and Lee's "Omen Mix" can be found at his site: Positive proof that you CAN polish a t*rd!

This has prompted me to finally start to put some content on my own site, at There's not much there yet, but in a few weeks I hope to have lots of pictures, music and written material up there. (JP)

May 2008 - News of our first gig!

We finally have a date for our first show, which will be at The Sound Bar, Birmingham on 19th August. More details will be posted here as they emerge.

29th April 2008 - First Demo tracks now available

The final stages of recording and mixdown of our first two demo songs "Give Me The Heart" and "Pictures on The Wall" were completed today at Robannas. We are very pleased with the results, and would like to thank Mig the producer for his substantial contribution to the recordings. We can't wait to record some more songs!
You can download the results from our Music page, or pop over to our Myspace site, which has an online media player.

April 2008: We started work on a new song which came together in a single rehearsal. It began as a piano piece composed by Alex. Gary ad-libbed some lyrics which turned out to be perfect just as they were. The working title is "Please Take Me Away From Here".

Meanwhile, over in Swivel-land, Andrea has been busy creating a new web site for her past and current musical endeavours. There's lots going on, so please visit (Hey Andi - what about a reciprocal link?).

Easter 2008 - Recording commences

The first demo recording session took place at Robannas on Easter Monday. The basic tracks have been laid down for "Give Me The Heart" and "Pictures On The Wall", with the vocals and mixing to be done in the next session. Many thanks to Mig the producer for his patience.
By coincidence, the studio control room is the unit that used to be Dusk's lock-up rehearsal room 20 years ago! Sheer nostalgia!

March 2008 - Myspace site launched + updates to this site

While not everyone in the group is convinced of the need to have a presence on any of the plethora of social networking sites out there (we're old enough to remember when a web site and domain were all you needed), we're going to stick our toes in the water and try setting up a page on MySpace. The only problem is - there already seem to be half a dozen bands called "Dusk" already on there (one as near as Sutton Coldfield). Hmm, could get messy. . .
Doug has put together an excellent Myspace page in double-quick time (with some help from John to tidy it up), which can be found at

This web site gets some new content and a slight face-lift this month. In order to pander to the instant-gratification junkies out there, the "Music" page now has links to some MP3 files. Naturally, all content is copyright Dusk, so please contact us if you hear something you'd like to use yourself.
I've tweaked the graphics after getting ear-ache from Joolz about the logo and the really crap "light-line". OK, OK, I agree: it looks a helluva lot better now. (JP)

February 2008 - demo CD plans

The group have decided to record a demo CD. Recording is to take place at Robannas (where else?), possibly over Easter.

December 2007 - we finally go digital!

Dusk have finally joined the 21sdt Century! Up until now all our rehearsal sessions have been recorded for posterity on an old 4-track cassette recorder, but from this moth we're using a Zoom 16-track digital recorder. What a difference! One of the main disappointments of the original run of the group was that so little music was recorded to a decent standard. For the most part rehearsals were recorded using either a stereo "rasta blaster" or a mono dictaphone (yes, hardly hi-fi. . .). For the new Dusk, we've vowed to record as much as possible to the highest quality in case there are any "Eureka!" moments during rehearsals.

July 2007 - Very sad news

Former Dusk member Matt Phipps-Hunt passed away this month. He was superb guitarist, and also a talented singer and songwriter. He will be missed.

April 2007 - First rehearsals of the new line-up - and a new name!

Doug has suggested that as the line-up and style has changed significantly, that we should call ourselves "The Dusk Project". All members are in agreement, so that's what it will be from now on.
The first full band rehearsal takes place on 12/04/07 - at Robannas of course! Naturally, the first song to be dusted-down and tried out just had to be Andrea's superb "Moan & Mutter" - everyone's favourite. Finally this song is getting the treatment it deserves, with a soaring guitar part from Gavin and some Rachmaninov-style keyboard embellishments from Alex.

Another song to get an early airing is Doug's new track "Broken" from his "The Source" solo CD.

While Gary and Doug hold down the vocal duties for the present, the band intend to start looking for a female vocalist in the near future, to do full justice to Andrea's wonderful songs (Andrea is studying for a music degree in Devon, so is unfortunately currently unavailable).

March 2007

Release of the archive CDs "From The Dawn" Volume 1 and Volume 2. See Music page for more information.
Doug works towards the completion of a long-unfinished Dusk recording!
Long-standing musical collaborators Gary Sheridan (guitar, vox), Alex Theay (keyboards) and Gavin Saunders (agree) agree to join the band.

February 2007

Two new web sites launched - this one for Dusk information, and for Doug's solo work.

Winter 2006: First versions of the two new CDs of archive material are completed. "From The Dawn - Volume 1" and "From The Dawn - Volume 2". The release is put on hold for a while, in order to re-digitise and further clean up some of the tracks, and redesign the artwork.
A reunion is discussed.

Summer 2006

Dave "Doug" Sutheran re-establishes contact with John Pierpoint, through The Earthmovers' web site In addition to recording his own new songs, Doug has been working on a CD of archive Dusk material from 1988-1990, with working title "From The Dawn". John volunteers to join in the effort.

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